We source CBD products that help individuals improve and discover their awesome selves in the world we live in.

Our Company

Cannalist.co.uk is a new brand committed to helping individuals derive total wellness and calmness via naturally manufactured CBD products. We understand the stigma regarding CBD products and that explains why we work with only GMP-certified brands. 

From our CBD oils, edibles, down to CBD cosmetics, our products are 100% legal, laboratory tested, and there is a certificate of analysis (COA) for every product. Cannalist products are therapeutic, soothing, and non-addictive with zero GMO and THC.

Whether you are a returning buyer, a new customer, or one that’s just curious about the therapeutic effects, Cannalist is your go-to company. Reviews maintain trust and we implore you to leave product feedback. 

Your physical and mental well-being remains our priority. Reach out today to enjoy the numerous benefits hidden in cannabis products. Ask questions you have concerning our listed products, what we represent or more personal related topics. We are here for you!


The Cannalist Way

We strongly believe in the happy customers, happy business model, and that’s what guides our products’ selection process. We do not manufacture, rather we source, review, and sell only verified CBD products.

Produced from GMO-free cannabis plants, all-natural ingredients, with standard laboratory certifications, our CBD collections are the best you will ever see. We are focused on effective and high-quality products.

That explains why our CBD products stand out. Their pure, unadulterated preservation/manufacturing techniques guarantee the absence of metals, fungus, and THC. 



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